Heart Transplant Recipient

Patrick Culnane

Patrick Culnane bio image

I suffered my first heart attack in 2010, barely alive flown to UCLA and then put on a medication regiment for seven years. During a trip to Washington State for a vacation I got very sick and my life took a turn for worse. After that I had many trips to several hospitals. When things were looking really grim I was flown to UCLA again and finally received the gift of a Heart on June 11th. 2017.

Since the heart transplant I have been doing very well with only a couple of medication changes. On April 7th. 2019 we met my donor family in Los Angeles, it was a very moving couple of hours to say the least. My Heart Donor was Lino Rojas and he was 34 and a father of 4 and a body builder. He was involved in a fatal car accident and his lovely 12 year old daughter asked with excitement if she could listen to her father’s heart beating in my chest and when she heard the hear beat her eyes filled with tears and emotion and I will forever remember that moment. Word’s can’t describe my gratitude for my donor and his family who gave me a second chance at life. Lino was able to save 5 lives, and I currently volunteer for the Nevada Donor Network.